Floor Plans

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August 11, 2022

Buyers love Floorplans! 64% of Buyers want to see a floor plan in fact floor plans are clicked on 7.5 times more frequently than maps. When listing a home all the information can help which is why we do Floor Plans for every listing. To make your listing shine, make sure the floor plan is professional, detailed, and correct. It should show each room in the house, as well as each floor of a multi-story property. Be sure to include details such as the location of windows, doors, and stairs. In addition to making your home stand out it helps buyers visualize the space, Buyers use floor plans to quickly check whether the property meets their top needs and wishes. They may wonder: Are the bedrooms located near each other or opposite ends? Where are the bathrooms in relation to the bedrooms and Dining space? Will I be able to see into the living room from the kitchen? They save time if the layout doesn’t work, and gets buyers to move in mentally as to where their furniture goes.

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3D Virtual Tour

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