Photo of data
October 23, 2023

Late last year, some housing experts projected a 2023 crash in home prices. The media hyped up these forecasts with doom and gloom headlines. This made some people put their plans to move on hold for fear home values would come tumbling down like they did in 2008. It’s your job to use data and visuals to show them that didn’t actually happen.

Let’s clear the air and get to the facts. Despite the media’s stormy predictions, home prices didn’t crash – not even close. The real data tells a different story. Take a look at this graph showing three trusted sources, and you’ll see that prices bounced back quickly after experiencing only minor declines last year (see graph included):

Photo of data




















This proves the declines we did see weren’t dramatic but were short-lived. As Nicole Friedman, a reporter at the Wall Street Journal, explains it:

“Home prices aren’t falling anymore. . . the residential real-estate downturn is turning out to be shorter and shallower than many housing economists expected. . .”

Basically, the worst home price declines are behind us. Nationally, home prices have rebounded and are still rising. Lets connect to see how this effects you… #realestate #realtor #homeprices #elementrealty